I have recently created a table-making package called Panelsummary which allows for making beautiful regression tables with multiple panels. The package is catered towards economics researchers.

Data Wrangling Assignments

I am a proponent of high quality open source material, especially for educational purposes. Here are some selected homework assignments I authored for the courses Econ 145: Data Wrangling for Economics and 245: Data Wrangling for Economists (Graduate) at UCSB. When I first started learning data wrangling, I was amazed that there were very few free assignments on the web that were practical - most either had a skeleton of the answer pre-coded or did not provide enough hard-practice to be helpful. My hope is that these can fill that gap for someone who would like high quality material without shelling out a few thousand dollars for a coding bootcamp or official college course.

These assignments would not be what they are without the excellent feedback and testing from Danny Klinenberg, Dick Startz, Zihao Zheng, Victor Huang, Yubo Wei, Robin Hollingsworth, Nathan Roll, Elie Singer, Joyce Fu, Austin Tam, Gavin Holder, and Steve Lin (you are all incredible!). The material in these homework assignments coincide with the material in my R Book which you can find linked at the top of the website. These homework assignments require specific data, so feel free to shoot me an email and I will send you the materials if you would like to attempt them yourself.

If you would like more materials please contact me—I am happy to share the many materials I have made over the past few years.